Volunteer with us

We are always looking for more volunteers to help out.

You’ll be part of a dynamic team helping to reduce waste in our community. Every year, our volunteers prolong the lifespan of hundreds of items.


What does volunteering with the Repair Cafe involve? 

We all offer our time for free and there is no requirement for you to be there every time, only what you are able to offer. Those helping out on a Saturday are generally there from 9.20am to 1.30pm. 

We need those both with repair skills and those without as there are numerous jobs besides the repair station that keep the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe running. These include roles on the day such as front desk, registration, exit desk, staff refreshments and runners, people behind the scenes such as admin and marketing. In addition we have assistant roles on repair station so if you wish to learn repair skills, we may be able to help.

Where can I find out more about volunteering?

You can read more details in our volunteer policy.



Several people working on repairing an upturned chair