Visiting us

The Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe is held at Trinity Theatre, Church Rd, Royal Tunbridge Wells TN1 1JP. 

Doors open at 9.45am and repairs commence at 10am and close at 1pm. The last repairs are accepted at 12.30pm or for a particular repair station when the waiting list exceeds our capacity, whichever is sooner. 

Our upcoming dates are:

  • Saturday 27th April 2024
  • Saturday 25th May 2024
  • Saturday 22nd June 2024
  • Saturday 27th July 2024

There is no need to book, it is first come first served. To save yourself time you can pre register before you arrive (link is below). You can of course register yourself online when you arrive if you have a smart phone or tablet, if not we can help you with this.

We operate a queue if there are no stations free and we can give you an idea of waiting time on the day. We ask that you only bring one item per person, if you did happen to bring more than one for repair, we will book in one and when you have had that repaired you are welcome to book in another if there is time and capacity.

How it works on the day

What can you expect if you come and visit us?


Repairs start at 10am. When you first arrive at the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe you will be greeted at the front desk.

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The main job here is to make a general decision as to whether we are able to repair your item or if it is beyond the scope of the Repair Cafe.
We then need to register your repair, you can pre register ahead of the day which can save a wasted trip if we can’t help and also speeds everything up when you arrive, please do that here.   
If you have not pre registered, no problem,  you can register yourself using your phone or if you need help or you do not have a phone, we can help you with registering.
Once you are registered you will receive a registration number, please remember this, you now need to be allocated, if you don’t do this, you will not be in the queue. This is really important.


You then need to visit the allocation desk, this is where we decide which repair station is best for you.

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We allocate you a repair station, which puts you in the queue for that station. If you don’t visit here after registering you will not be placed in the queue and it will waste some of your time and may delay you being seen. Please remember your registration number.

If you have an electrical repair you will likely need to have your item PAT tested. If so you will be directed to the PAT testing area and after that you can grab a cuppa as you wait to be seen by your repairer.

PAT testing or Portable Appliance Testing is important for the safety of everyone. We will ask you to repeat this process after you have seen your repairer.  

If your item fails the PAT test we will place a red failed sticker on it and taken a photograph of this. We advise you not to use the item as it has been deemed unsafe.  

digital screens

As soon as you are allocated, please look at the large live display screen which will give you an indication of your waiting time. 
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The screen shows your estimated waiting time at the point your repair was allocated to your repair station.
Obviously this is only an estimate as we can’t predict if the repairs ahead of you will take a long time or a short time. The estimate is based on the waiting list and the average time a repair takes on that station.
If for whatever reason you are unable to wait and wish to leave we ask that you let us know so we are not calling your name out later on when your repair station comes available.

When will i be seen?

There may be a wait before we call you, please get a drink and a snack.

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The Trinity Theatre does a range of hot and cold drinks plus snacks. We also advise bringing a book or a magazine to read. Our busiest stations are electrical, mechanical and miscellaneous and wait times can exceed 60-90mins, especially for electrical. 
Once there is a space available at a repair station for you, one of our ‘runners’ (in orange bibs) will call your name and registration number and they will escort you to your repair station. 

At the repair station

Once a runner calls you the repairer will then commence their assessment of your item. 
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The repairer will then discuss with you what your options are and you can agree together what you’d like to do. Ideally they will be able to repair your item there and then, if they can’t or they think that you need a spare part, or only a partial repair or no repair is possible or something else, they will let you know.

Once you have finished with your repairer we ask you visit the exit desk so we can sign you out of our system. If you have an electrical repair, before you go to the exit desk, please visit the PAT testing station to have a final PAT test.

Occasionally, your repairer may offer, at their own discretion, to repair your item in their own time. This needs to be discussed and agreed with your repairer and is a private arrangement which is outside the scope of the Repair Cafe. 


Once you have finished we ask that you leave via the Exit Desk so we can sign you out. 

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We will ask you a few questions to get some feedback about your experience. You also have the opportunity to give a donation if you wish. We accept cash and cards.

The money we raise helps fund the Tunbridge Wells Repair Cafe and any surplus goes to our designated charities.  

Everyone that helps with the Repair Cafe is a volunteer, no one receives any money for their time.